This Is Why Your Acting Is Not Improving

This is why your acting is not improving

Even after putting in a lot of effort, you wonder why your acting is not improving?

Well, there can be many reasons for that, and today I will discuss some major reasons your acting is not improving.

1. You Are Acting In Your Head

Most of the time it happens that you are not able to bring your imagination into reality.

And although you feel the particular character and emotion but you are not able to do justice to it.

In that case what you can do is just imagine a small action like tapping on your shoulder and then copy that action into your performance.

Repeat this action until your performance matches your imagination.

So in this way, you will be able to transport your acting from head to reality.

This Is Why Your Acting Is Not Improving
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2. Lack of Clarity

Have you asked yourself that why do you want to become an actor?

Because if you don’t have clarity about your goal, it becomes difficult to make progress.

On the other hand once you are clear with your reason then your every step moves closer to your goal.

No matter whatever your reason is, whether you want to get famous or you want to make money or you want to experience the art.

Just be honest about the reason and have clarity about your goal.

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3. Lack of Self-Practice

Have you ever wondered why some students are less brighter than others although having the same teacher and same education?

Well, there can be several reasons for that and one of the reasons is lack of self-practice.

No matter you take admission in a very affluent acting school, if you do not take out time and practice on your own then there is very little possibility of your growth and improvement.

So please make sure that you take out a fixed and dedicated time from your schedule and spend that quality time polishing your craft & skills.

This Is Why Your Acting Is Not Improving
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4. Lack of Mentorship

See, self-practice is good but there should be someone who can guide you and mentor your growth.

You can see that even warrior like Eklavya in Mahabharata time took the mentorship from the statue of ‘Guru Dronacharya.’

And for your information the statue was not just a showcase, it was the guiding force for Eklavya and the energy within it helped Eklavya to grow in his skills.

So you also have the right to choose your mentor.

A true mentor will teach you acting and inspire you to become the best possibility of yourself.

This Is Why Your Acting Is Not Improving
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5. Lack of Life Experience

The only thing in life which can not be stolen is your own experience & knowledge of life and people.

It may be possible that you are putting in all your efforts and have good guidance but still, there is no growth and improvement.

This is because you lack life experience.

So try to gain a real-life experience, by meeting people, places, learning new skills, etc.

In this way, you will add a new layer to your art and through time you will see immense growth in your craft.

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6. Lack of Community

Acting is a bit different from other art form like painting or singing.

Because you see a painter can paint sitting alone in a closed room but an actor has to communicate to his co-actor in order to show his art.

So it becomes crucial to have a community with whom you can work on a regular basis and improve on a daily basis.

You will also agree that acting is about articulating human relationships & human emotions.

So join a theatre group or an acting school to get a community of humans and most importantly actors with whom you will learn and grow effectively. 

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There are several reasons which can hinder your growth & improvement.

And in order to give you an idea, I have discussed all these reasons which can be a barrier in your acting career.

Hope you will discover what you lack and work on your acting skills to improve and grow into a better actor.

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