Why every Actor should do Pranayam?

Actor doing pranayam

A man who practices Pranayam can speak as long as he needs without getting tired.

This is just one benefit of practicing Pranayam regularly. 

If you are in the profession of acting or aspire to be a successful actor you should include this one practice in your daily life.

It will help you to grow on an artistic level and will also play a major role in your career growth.

1. Pranayam for concentration

If your concentration is disturbed you can not act. It can be so difficult sometimes to  perform your best at auditions due to lack of concentration. 

Most of the time we are controlled and distracted by our thoughts.

Once your concentration is established you can control your thoughts and function yourself as you want, and give your best performance every time.

Practicing Pranayam, helps your mind and body to connect and provide you optimum concentration.

Breathwork for actors. Pranayam for concentration.
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2. Good for your voice

Our voice quality depends a lot upon the way we breathe. 

Due to Shallow breathing currently an average person’s breath rate is 12-20 breath per minute. If you can just reduce this number to 6-8 breaths per minute, your ability to use your voice will improve in a drastic manner. 

Voice exercise for actors.
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I have been doing Pranayam for 6 months and some of the benefits I feel are:

  • I improved my dialogue delivery 
  • My diction improved 
  • I feel more clarity in my Voice

I have improved a lot in voice modulation and voice variation and also I realized that my voice does not get tired anymore after long rehearsals. 

3. Emotional variation

Our emotions are directly connected to our breath. For e.g. if we feel cry then our exhalation gets longer & deeper than usual.

But is it possible to generate certain emotions using our breath?

Of course it is possible, if we know how to control our breath and regulate it in a certain way to achieve a particular emotion.

For e.g. if you deep exhale your breath completely to empty your stomach, you will feel a subtle emotion of sorrowness. You should try it on yourself. 

And if you practice regular Pranayam you can actually bring out tears from your eyes using your breath. That is the power of Pranayam.

emotional memory exercise for actors.
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4. Pranayam for memory power

India is a country which has a tradition of transferring knowledge through oral communication.

We did not use written means of communication in ancient times. Everything was recited verbally. And this requires a good memory power.

So our rishis and Gurus invented this unique technique of breathing called Pranayam.

Research says that if you practice Pranayam regularly you can increase your memory power upto 20%.

So if you face difficulty memorizing the script lines or remembering people’s name, try Practicing Pranayam.

Memory power for actors.
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Some more benefits of Pranayam

  • Relieves stress
  • Provide relaxation
  • Improvement in energy level
  • Improves Lung function

Three Pranayam everyone can easily practice

Although it is advised to practice Pranayam under proper guidance because It is such a powerful practice that if conducted in an improper way it can do harm rather than any benefit.

So it is always good to choose safe options and start practicing some really easy Pranayam as follows:

1. Anulom-vilom

  • Sit in a relaxed state with your back straight. 
  • Close your eyes and put your right thumb on your right nostril. 
  • Now inhale with your left nostril and hold for a short fraction of time.
  • In this short fraction of time close your left nostril using your ring finger and remove your thumb from your right nostril. 
  • Now exhale your breath out of your right nostril.
  • Again inhale air with the right nostril itself and hold it. 
  • After that close your right nostril using your thumb and release your breath through your left nostril. 
  • Repeat this for 10-20 times. 
  • Increase the duration after a few days of practice.
anulom vilom yoga for actors
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2. Kapalbhati

  • Sit in a relaxed state with your back straight.
  • Close your eyes and inhale deeply through your both nostrils.
  • Now exhale all the air forcefully at one go contracting your stomach and abdomen muscles.
  • Let your inhalation happen by itself.
  • Again throw all the air forcefully out through your both nostril within less than a second.
  • Repeat 5-10 rounds.
  • Increase the rounds with time.
kapalbhati yoga for actors.
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3. Bhramari

  • Sit with your eyes closed.
  • Inhale normally.
  • While exhaling try to produce a humming sound like bees in a controlled way.
  • Avoid having a breaking exhalation. Maintain a good and proper flow throughout your exhalation.
  • Breathe in again and continue the same process.


Pranayam can be really helpful if practiced consciously and regularly. It can change your whole perspective and ability to perform in life and career. 

All the best!

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