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A theatre class to help you find your unique acting style & stand out from the crowd.

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Is your acting suffering from a lack of growth?

You have no good community to practice your craft.

You have no one to give feedback on your acting.

You lack the confidence to perform on stage.

You lack a practice routine and discipline to improve your skills.

You can’t see any further growth in your acting talent.

If so, this class will help you polish your acting skills & discover your true self on a daily basis.

Benefits of The Class


You will learn to study and analyse a script.


You will learn how to create unique and interesting characters to attract the audience.


You will learn how to be confident with your performance in front of a large audience.

Unique Acting Style

You will learn how to use your personal life experience and imagination to find your unique acting style.

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Meet Your Mentor

Few people know how to find their unique acting style. Prince is a well-known actor in the Delhi theatre circle. As an acting coach and theatre practitioner, he has helped more than 50 students to find their unique acting style. In this class, he will teach you methods to use your personal life experience and imagination to find your unique acting style. Prince was recently seen judging the theatre competition for Mood Indigo Asia’s largest college festival at IIT Bombay. Now he is ready to teach you.

Prince Kushwaha

Our Students Love Our Training

Class Objective

Many aspiring actors don’t know how to find their uniqueness. Instead, they try to copy & imitate other popular actors. At Good Act, we have developed a process of training where we use your personal life experience and imagination to help you find your unique Acting style. When you have a unique style everyone appreciates your talent and you stand out from the crowd.

Some Class Glimpses

Importance of Having Your Unique Acting Style

Most aspiring actors face a lot of struggle in the industry, some often get rejected in auditions while others don’t get desired roles. This is not because they are less talented or less hard-working. The only reason for their struggle is their lack of uniqueness. Casting directors are looking for actors who can bring something different and interesting to the table. Actors who are not able to differentiate themselves from others will always face struggles.

And most aspiring actors, even after spending so much money in acting classes, are not aware of methods and techniques to find their uniqueness and differentiate themselves from others. Also, most acting classes are incredibly expensive, overwhelming, and don’t actually teach the method to find your unique acting style. But what if I tell you there is a way to find your unique acting style and stand out from others – An Acting class that is affordable, fun and super practical.?

In this class, our focus will be completely on screen acting techniques and how to use your life experience and imagination to discover your unique acting style. Here is what you will learn when you join the class:

1. You will learn the methods and exercises to unlock your full potential as an actor.

2. You will completely understand how you can use your strength to enhance your talent.

3. You will learn to apply all these learnings to create full-fledged characters that are unique and interesting.

You see, everyone feels attracted to something that is unique and interesting. If casting directors are not sure about you, they will reject you and cast some other actor. Actors having unique acting style will always stand out from others.
You should not struggle and lose any opportunity because you failed to find your uniqueness. Join our class to grow your skills and find your unique acting style.
Because when you have a unique style, no one can ignore you. you get preference in the acting industry, and everybody wants to work with you. You get to work in your desired roles and establish a successful career.

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Learn how to present yourself on stage and camera to give a powerful performance with confidence

Voice & Speech

Practice exercises to develop a flexible voice and flawless speech. In this module, you will also learn to improve your accent and diction with practical exercises.


Explore nine emotions as mentioned in Natyashastra to produce a full range of human emotions and develop a good emotional memory.

Portraying Real People

Learn how to observe and portray a real person through your acting.

Movement and Body Language

Practice exercises to express through your actions and physical behaviour. Physical behaviour includes facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement, touch and the use of space.

Finding your unique Acting style

Learn to use your personal life experience and imagination to find your unique Acting style

Script Analysis and Characterization

Learn how to break down a script and create unique and interesting characters.

Stage Performance

Get a chance to perform a play on stage in front of an audience.


This is a monthly theatre class and every month we work on a new play so you can continue for as long as you want to work on your acting skills. You must attend this class for a minimum of 3 months to achieve maximum benefits.

Anyone with a little experience can join this class who is looking for improvement, learning new skills, and find their unique style through stage performance.

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