How to Become an Actor in India?

How to become an actor in India

If I ask you how to become an engineer I know you can easily answer it. You would say> go to college> get a degree and Become an Engineer. 

But acting is a profession of art, so even if you get a degree from an affluent acting school it is not easy to get the job and become a professional actor. 

But here are some strategies which will help you on the path to becoming an actor. Using these strategies you can prepare yourself and get your first break. 

1. Set a Clear Goal

Maybe you want to work for film, web or TV. Once you decide on your goal write down the required skills and what amount of time and money will be invested to learn the skills and reach your goal. 

Break down your ultimate goal into smaller goals. For example, if you think learning dance can play an important role in your acting career then the first thing to do is to learn dancing. 

In this way, you will get One Step Closer to your ultimate goal of becoming an actor.

How to become an actor in India
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2. Get a Proper Training 

A lot of aspiring actors do not understand the importance of acting training in the path of becoming an actor. 

Nowadays with online acting classes, it is really easy to get basic acting training in the comfort of your own house. 

Remember the best investment is to invest in your training. 

If you are still in school or college I would recommend you to attend an online acting class. It is convenient and budget-friendly. 

In this way your study will not be disturbed and when after your education is completed and you want to pursue acting as a career you will already be four steps ahead.

How to become an actor in India
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3. Work on Yourself

Learning the basics of acting is really easy. You can join theatre groups. acting school or attend an online acting workshop. But this is not enough. You need to put in extra effort from your side to make yourself worth it. 

Write down all your weaknesses which can be a barrier to your acting career and work on them. Work on your Diction, Speech, Body Language, Voice, Confidence, Communication Skills and Self Grooming.

How to become an actor in India
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4. Find Yourself 

Acting is not only about saying lines in different emotions & expressions. It is more than that. Everyone is unique and you must discover your unique quality. 

If you are not unique you will be easily replaced. So cut off yourself from every influence i.e film, TV, shows, music, people etc for some time. 

Try to erase all your idol and favourite personality from your mind. Sit quietly and observe yourself. And find what makes you different from others. Find that uniqueness and polish it to make it your biggest strength.

How to become an actor in India
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5. Networking 

Whether you are at acting school or going for an audition, try to build a healthy relationship with people. 

Try to have a good approach and be genuine with your behaviour. Go out and meet people. Do not hesitate to talk to people at Gym, Theatre Plays, Acting classes and Events. 

But do not fake things to look good and nice for the sake of networking. People can sense your intention. Networking is not a bad thing if you do it the correct way.

How to become an actor in India
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6. Auditioning 

Do not hurry to attend an audition. A bad audition can have a bad impression on the Casting Director. Analyse your performances, Ask your friends and family. Take feedback from your acting teacher. 

And then if you are really ready then start finding auditions for yourself. In the beginning, it is good to approach new and aspiring casting directors. 

You can find them on the internet and social media with little effort and research. Do not go for every audition. See the requirement and analyse them at your level. Do you fit the requirement and what value will this project bring in your acting career? 

Remember to value quality work over quantity of work.

How to become an actor in India
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7. Have a Side Job 

A lot of aspiring actors complain that their family does not support their dream. But somewhere in life, you have to take your decision on your own. and decision-making comes with financial Independency. 

So it is better to have a side job or a part-time job which will make you financially independent. and in this way, no one can stop you to pursue your acting dream and become an actor. 

But be careful. Do not be greedy about money. Just earn enough for survival and follow your passion.

How to become an actor in India
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8. Practice Deliberately 

In the initial stage of your acting career, you will not get enough work to do. You might be left without any work for 3 to 6 months sometimes. And for a few people, it can take some time to get even their first job. 

But do not stop practising. Set yourself a time for practising your craft. For example, every day from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. All these hours spent on practice will eventually compound and your skills will be much sharper.

How to become an actor in India
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9. Be Patient 

Samay Se Pehle aur Bhagya se Zyada Kisi Ko Kuchh Nahin Milta. 

Do not get upset if you do not get a call back from the audition. Sometimes it will happen that your close friend will get cast for the same role you went to audition for. And you should be happy about it. 

Your role is being written somewhere by someone and it might be bigger than this. So be patient with it and wait for your turn to come.

How to become an actor in India
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Acting is a profession of uncertainty and you are not sure of when you will get your first work. But having proper training and learning the required skills will always play an important role in your acting career. 

When you will have a good amount of practice and command of your craft that day will surely come when people will identify your talent and will want to work with you. 

Best of luck! I wish you to become a successful actor.

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