How to do Acting with eyes? 4 Easy steps to have expressive eyes.

how to do acting with eyes

When it comes to acting with eyes, many actors think it is quite difficult and only a few people can actually do acting with eyes.

But according to psychology, human eyes are the most expressive body part of all. And our eyes can say a lot of things in just a fraction of second.

And at the end of this article you will know the secret of how to have expressive eyes and how to do acting with your eyes:

1. Keep It Healthy

Let us  understand this with an example. If your body is not healthy, will it be possible for you to use it for performing optimum level of tasks? No

And the same applies to your eyes. If your eyes are not healthy enough then it will become very difficult for it to express those intense emotions naturally.

So follow these simple rules in your life to have a healthy pair of eyes:

  1. Eat Well

Try to include a proper diet into your lifestyle and focus on consumption of Vitamin C, vitamin E  and Zinc.

Moreover, increase the consumption of green vegetables, nuts, beans and foods that are rich sources of protein.

It will help to nourish your eyes and make it more expressive.

eat well to have expressive eyes
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  1. Take proper sleep

Every medical person or doctor will advise you to take a proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours.

But you know, it is not only the quantity of sleep but the quality of sleep matters. And the best quality of sleep can be only obtained during night hours.

Because our biological body is designed in such a way that if you do not follow nature’s clock and keep yourself awake till late night then we start feeling drowsy throughout the day.

And when we continue this habit of waking up till late at night for a long period of time then we start facing eye problems like dark circles, fatigue and baggy eyes or puffy eyes.

And this can make your eyes less expressive and low in performance.

sleep well to have expressive eyes
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  1. Avoid Screen in low light

Many of us have the habit of scrolling through the phone screen even in dark or low light.

And you know while doing this you actually do so much harm to your eyes. 

Because the blue light from the mobile or computer can strain your eyes and make it look tired and dry.

So to avoid this you can use computer glasses to protect your eyes from the harmful rays that can harm your eyes.

But please avoid usage of phones or computers during night or in low light.

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  1. Avoid Dirt & Pollution

Please make sure that you wash your eyes properly every time you are back home.

Because whenever you  are outside then your eyes absorb the dirt and pollution which can have a negative impact if not washed properly.

Also make sure you  wear goggles on the street to protect your eyes from the UV rays and direct Wind blowing into your eyes.

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  1. Try Sun Gazing

The Sun is an Ultimate source of energy and we should know how to extract that energy for our benefits.

And sun gazing or looking at the sun with open eyes helps us receive the optimum level of energy and also release the emotional blocks which can hinder an actor’s performance.

But please note that you should do sun gazing only in the morning hours when the sun is just Rising. And let the greatest source of energy enter your mind and body through your eyes and help you become a creative person.

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2. Carry The Attitude

The second way you can make your eyes do acting for you is to carry the attitude of the character while performing.

But attitude is not about being arrogant. Attitude is the core essence of any human being.

For example, Mahatma Gandhi has the attitude of non-violence and Sachin Tendulkar has the attitude of performance, whereas MS Dhoni has the attitude of calmness.

So if you can identify the core essence or attitude of your character then it will become much easier for you to express those nuances and emotions through your eyes.

acting with eyes
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3. Keep It Simple When Acting with Eyes

Always remember this Mantra: ‘keep it simple.’

And do not get conscious of doing acting with your eyes, because if you get conscious then your eyes will portray the opposite of what is required in the scene.

Also, if you force your eyes to do acting then it will not look natural and you might end up doing bad acting.

So just keep it simple.

Acting with eyes
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4. Practice Eye Movement For better Acting With Eyes

Exercising your eyes can be really helpful to get it prepared for the scene or performance.

So let us discuss some easy exercises which you can do on your own.

But please do not over do any of the following exercises because your eyes are a delicate part of your body and it should be handled with care.

  1. Rotating Eyeballs

This is very simple exercise and every actor should include it in your routine.

All you have to do is to rotate your eyes clockwise and anticlockwise for at least 5-7 complete rounds each.

  1. Rotating Eyeballs on Music

Here is a little variation with the previous exercise of rotating eyeballs.

In this exercise you have to rotate your eyes on a music piece.

Try to catch the rhythm of Music and match your eye movement with its Rhythm.

Also, it is a very effective exercise for eye movement and you can do it twice a week.

  1. Moving Eyes

Take your finger and move left-right, to-fro and try to follow the movement of your finger with your eyes.

It will be best if you have a partner for this exercise and you can also play with the speed of your fingers making it slow, medium and fast.

Check out this video for eye movement practices


So finally you have discovered some useful tips and methods and now you know how to do acting with your eyes. 

So apply all the above tips and methods and get ready to have an expressive pair of eyes. And also please do not ever try forcefully to do acting with your eyes.

All you need to do is to follow the above tips and then let your eyes talk to the camera.

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