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Audition script in Hindi


“2 BEGGARS” – by Prince Kumar Copyright © 2021  All rights reserved In ‘2 BEGGARS’ NANDU asks MAHESH to share his drink but Mahesh is angry with his previous behavior of not sharing bread-jam with him. EXT. SLUM – EVENING FADE IN (MAHESH SITTING ON THE GROUND, NANDU COMES TO HIM.) NANDU- Ae tere […]

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Acting script in Hindi

Accidental Murder

ACCIDENTAL MURDER- by Prince Kumar Copyright © 2021  All rights reserved In ‘Accidental Murder’, Aadyant calls his junior colleague for a meeting at his home and happens to ask him to murder his own wife who cheated on Aadyant. Int. House – Evening FADE IN (knock on the door. Aadyant opens the door) Aadyant-

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Couple acting scene

The Tinder Date

Int. Restaurant – Evening FADE IN Sanskruti- Aur kaise ho? Dev- Main badhiya,tum batao. Sanskruti- Ekdam firstclass. Aur tumhari girlfriend kaisi hai? Dev- Kon girlfriend?I am single. Sanskruti- Kya naam tha uska..umm..aa..ha,sweety. Dev- Wo girlfriend nahi hai meri. Sanskruti- Par hamesha tumhare sath hi dikhti thi. Dev- Ham dono ke coaching ka time same tha

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