Theatre games

Traffic light acting game

Traffic Signal

● Act on the leader’s command.● When the leader says ‘Green’: Start walking and moving freely.● When the leader says ‘Yellow’: Stop and stand on one leg.● When the leader says ‘Red’: Sit on the floor or lie down.

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become the object acting game

Become the Object

● Group is divided into two teams.● The leader commands both the team to form an object like car, chair,television, etc.● Each group gets 15 secs to form the object using their body parts.● The group who completes the task in the shortest time wins onepoint.● After 10 rounds the team who gets the maximum

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mime act game playing actors

Mime Activity

● The group leader chooses an actor.● He provides him with an activity like eating, or flying kites.● Then the actor performs that activity with his movement without anyprops.● After he finishes he can choose any actor from the group and assignhim with an activity or task such as bathing, cleaning the floor, etc.● Remember

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Kids playing acting games

Move & Freeze

● Walk freely inside a room or studio.● Walk in every direction and zig-zag.● Stop when the leader says ‘Freeze’.● See if there is any empty space in the studio.● Start walking when the leader says ‘Move’ and try to cover everyspace in the studio.● Avoid any physical contact or touch while walking freely.

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